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It feels as though we are getting closer to the future.  Sounds a little obvious, but when we say the word “future” a lot of us still think about floating cars, robots, and pizza in a vending machine.  Ok, maybe not the last one so much, but once you take a look at Knocki and listen to what their team has to say about it you sense that the once farfetched future we fantasized about, may just be coming to fruition.

Quick Specs

MSRP: $128 USD

Where to Buy: Manufacturer Website

Release Date: Summer 2017

What is Knocki?

Knocki is a small disk shaped wireless device designed to transform any surface into a smart remote controller.  It aims to eliminate the need for cumbersome voice recognition technology or the frantically  sorting through apps on your mobile device.

What Does it Do?

Knocki may be linked to a wide range or smart devices and can trigger up to 10 different commands by using different programmable gestures.  On their site, the Knocki team lists many capabilities (see below).


How Does it Work?

The device uses vibration sensing technology to register reverberations transmitted through a structure or surface caused by certain gestures.  For example, if the Knocki device is mounted to the underside of a coffee table, you can strike the top side of the table to turn on your Smart TV, or if you have it on the back side of your night stand you can tap the night stand to lock your smart lock on your front door and turn off your lights.  Upon awakening you can tap the same nightstand 3 times (different gesture than used prior to bed) to turn on your spotify music and begin brewing coffee.

Knocki Gestures


Knocki setup appears to be fairly simple with startup mainly being accomplished via smart phone.  Once the setup process is complete and all devices are linked via your home wifi network, you can mount your Knocki to any hard and flat surface using either their supplied adhesive tape or mounting hardware.

Custom Actions for Knocki to Perform

  • Snooze alarmknocki actions
  • Brew coffee
  • Turn on alarm
  • Dim lights
  • Play music
  • Find phone
  • Order pizza
  • Call cab/uber
  • Turn on fan or vent in bathroom
  • Alert you when someone is at the door
  • Unlock or lock smart lock
  • Open/close blinds
  • Automatic texting

Currently Listed Possible Integrations (and growing)

  • Wemo
  • Ifttt
  • Nest thermostat
  • Philips hue
  • Smartthings
  • Lifx
  • Spotify
  • Smberlight
  • Wemo switch
  • D-link smart plug
  • Nest cam
  • Nest protect
  • Wemo coffee maker
  • Google calendar
  • Google mail
  • Sonos
  • Wemo lighting
  • Post http
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Harmony
  • Soundcloud
  • Sms messaging
  • Abode

What We Think So Far

We have a Knocki on pre-order with their anticipated shipping date being listed as “Summer 2017”, so a full hands-on review will follow, but based on what information has been provided we think it is a solid piece of technology.  We like that you can move it between surfaces and can use up to 10 different gestures on one unit; however, it will be interesting to see how well Knocki distinguishes between deliberate and accidental gestures.  I would hate to set off our office or home alarm by accidentally dropping my phone on my desk or dresser.  In that instance, I suppose a more complicated gesture would help combat that (i.e. 5 taps consecutively needed).  It will also be interesting to see the full device integration list on launch.  It would hurt to purchase a device and not have anything to use it with.


About Dan Pietens

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