A Unique Skill Set

In the spring of 2014, Dan was in the final months of his Masters Degree. One course offered in his program was “Business for Physiotherapists” which involved a large entrepreneurial project. The project that he and his group came up with involved the need for a simple website. Having had multiple years of experience developing websites for smaller projects, Dan took it upon himself to build a functional website in 8 days. The result was an impressive product which caught the eye of his professors and potential investors. Realizing his unique skill sets, Dan was brought in as a partner to help develop a massive online learning platform.


Upon consulting several web development companies, large and small, the team was astounded by the gargantuan budgets and proposals sent forth. The smallest quote was from a husband and wife team that still asked for $40000+ to complete the project. After deliberating with his partners, Dan determined that he was more than capable of producing a high quality product at a more reasonable cost. The project required the marketing and content services of his future wife, Tracie and graphic design skills of friend, Anthony.


Upon completion of the task, all 3 had a desire for furthering their education and abilities. Dan spent countless nights and weekends learning advanced coding, business planning, and many other relevant skills. Also, while working as a physiotherapist, he learned the ins and outs of true customer care from customer service guru Jim Millard. Meanwhile, Tracie pushed to discover the most successful trends in social media in addition to web optimization, while Anthony continued to tackle more advanced projects. The more the entrepreneurs learned, the more frustrated and disgusted they became at the tales of poor service, high rates, and failed results.


In 2016, Dan and Tracie, fresh off their marriage, founded Innervation Technology & Design, an exceptional yet affordable web design and digital marketing company. The company vowed to provide these services to anyone that thought web design and digital marketing was too expensive or out of their comfort zone. After noticing that their product was desired and in demand, they had a choice between turning away these small businesses in need of affordable and exceptional web design or bring on another great partner. Anthony jumped at the chance to be apart of the team that had worked together so well in the past.


Innervation Technology & Design is a team dedicated to helping small business owners compete in a digital world.  We believe in honesty, great communication, quality, efficiency, and fairness.

We have unfortunately heard of countless cases of poor projects with many other digital management teams.  These sour experiences simply are inexcusable and fall far outside of our company values.  If you are working with us, I promise you that you will be treated fairly and you will be more than impressed with your overall experience.  Expect to be treated as a team member where after the project is done, you can walk away feeling great about the journey.

Dan Pietens, President of Innervation Technology & Design Inc.

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