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Q: Tell us about your business.  What is it?

A:  Illbury+Goose is a Canadian Lifestyle brand. We specialize in producing superior garments, apothecary products and accessories right here in Canada. We represent a movement that supports local, and thinks global. We are redefining what it means to be Canadian- because it’s not all campfires and dogsleds. From daytrips to nightclubs, from cityscapes to Rocky Mountains, Illbury + Goose is a lifestyle that is truly unique and entirely Canadian.


Q: How did you and Illbury+Goose get started?


A:  I was on the hunt for a unique t-shirt design and couldn’t find anything in the market. I have a graphic art background so I decided to create some of my own designs and put them on t-shirts. Next thing I knew there was a large list of pre-orders and a busy summer lined up — sourcing garments, local printers and places to pop up to expand this newly/unintentionally created brand.


Q: What was one major obstacle you faced in the early stages of developing your company?

A:  Finding the money to help finance a new company is always tough. Especially as a student it is hard to receive loans etc.  We entered a pitch contest though the student incubator at UWO (Propel formally BizInc.) and we actually placed first receiving some funding and services to take the business to the next level. In this contest we were also exposed to a investor which really helped. — Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t know the answer, and use your resources.


Q: What is one piece of advice you would give to our readers (current or aspiring small business owners)? Alternatively, was is one thing you would have done differently?


A: Stay focused. It won’t always be easy… it may actually be extremely tough at times. Stay positive and love what you are doing. If you can turn your lifestyle into a career while keeping a smile on your face, that’s success in my opinion.


Q: To what extent are you present online?


A:  Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @illburyandgooseWebsite:


I will mention its best stay consistent on all your platforms, no need to confuse anyone.


Q: Are there any ways in which you have had to adapt with the progression and evolution of technology?


A:  Be aware, and knowledgeable of trends. New technology rises everyday, try and stay in the loop. Look at other businesses/companies to see what they are using and how it would or would not benefit you and your company. It can be overwhelming so be cautious of what is actually doing to help you succeed.


daniel phillips of illbury+goose

About Daniel

Daniel Phillips is the founder, creative director, digital media marketer of Illbury + Goose.  He also is the founder, owner, and graphic designer of dpms.  


Tracie Pietens

About Tracie Pietens

Tracie has several years of experience working in public relations, sports entertainment, online content management/optimization, and social media marketing with some of Canada's most successful corporations including: the London Knights, Sarnia Sting, and Right-to-Play.

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