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Q: Tell us about your business.  What is it?

A: La Luxe nail bar is a salon that specializes in hand and feet care for both men and women. We also provide waxing, lash extension and make up services.


Q: How did you and La Luxe get started?


A: The beauty industry has always been a part of my life growing up. Upon graduating from post secondary, I worked for my parents in the summer. The exposure to their business and their entrepreneurial success interested me immediately. From there, it took about two years for me to come up with a plan and most importantly, a location.


Q: What was one major obstacle you faced in the early stages of developing your company?

la luxe nail bar in london ontario


A: The main obstacle I faced was before I even started. Finding a location was the biggest struggle for me – which is why it took about two years to open.


Q: What is one piece of advice you would give to our readers (current or aspiring small business owners)? Alternatively, was is one thing you would have done differently?


A: One piece of advice I would give someone who is thinking about opening or has a small business is to take your time. I find a lot of the time I just want to get it done – the quicker the better, but the reality is most of the time opting for that route may not be the best decision. Whether or not you’re a current business owner or an aspiring business owner it is so important to make rational decisions. Every decision/action you take effects your business. Be patient, take your time.


Q: According to the government of Canada, for every small business that is founded, roughly 1 small business fails. Any thoughts on why this happens to small businesses?


In my opinion, the reason why for every small business that is founded, one small business fails is poor planning. Although optimism is a good mind frame to keep in most situations, you have to think about the what ifs and obstacles that you may face before you face them. I believe that lack of funds is the end result of a failed business, however there is a strong correlation with poor planning; making it the root of the problem.


Q: To what extent are you present online?


A: The importance of social media (especially with a business like mine) has increased dramatically within the last 5 years or so. With that being said, I have available various methods of online connections: website, Facebook, instagram, email.


Q: Are there any ways in which you have had to adapt with the progression and evolution of technology?


A: I haven’t yet had to adapt too much in terms of technology because I’d say I grew up as it was starting to advance. However, I think that technology is currently advancing at a lightning speed which will make me have to start to adapt and make efforts to stay up to date.


Thi Nguyen of La Luxe Nail Bar

About Thi

Thi is the owner of La Luxe Nail Bar, London Ontario’s newest premium nail salon. Their professional technicians have over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry, providing our customers with the highest quality of service.


Tracie Pietens

About Tracie Pietens

Tracie has several years of experience working in public relations, sports entertainment, online content management/optimization, and social media marketing with some of Canada's most successful corporations including: the London Knights, Sarnia Sting, and Right-to-Play.

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