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Improve Conversion Rates & Bounce Rates

It’s a frustrating situation.  A potential customer stumbles upon your website organically only to have them leave seconds later.  If you are like many other companies conducting business online, you require your visitors to remain on your site long enough to cause a conversion.  Whether you have heard of the term in the digital context or not, a conversion rate is the proportion of your website traffic that successfully performs the action you desire of site visitors.  The action is typically a sale of the goods or services you’re offering, or it could be the sale of a membership subscription or possibly the completion of an online form.  Regardless, it is the desired action of the user after he or she has arrived on your website.  Many websites with high amounts of traffic are still missing the mark on converting their visitors.  Here are some suggestions on how to improve conversion rates.

Research – What is your conversion rate?

Researching your conversion rate
Do you know what your conversion rate is?  Many companies don’t.  There are several tools available which may be used to monitor your search traffic and sales.  Take a look at Google Adwords.  This is the typical tool used by companies for advertising within Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).  They can help you setup an advertisement and track the click rates.  You will have to do a little math yourself, but it is worth it.   If you find that 100 people per month are clicking your Google ad per month, but you are only selling 1 membership (1%), you are likely feeling disappointed.  But what should you expect?  What are “good” conversion rates anyway?  The benchmark set forth by the current industry is 2.7% for search ads.  This means that if you are doing everything right, you should be expecting a 2.7% conversion rate through paid Google advertisements.  Some readers may be shocked by this number.  Many feel their conversion rate should be much higher if they feel they have a solid website and subsequently, turn a decent profit.  Though there will be variations depending on the industry targeted,the benchmark of 2.7% is a great target to establish for oneself.


Optimize Design

Proper website design is essential for keeping users on your page.  Proper design is much more than the use of an attractive, flashy colour pallet.  The ease of access to relevant information by the user is a critical design factor as well.  Consider where most of your traffic is coming from.  Are they desktop users or are they mobile users?  You may have a great website as viewed on a computer, but your “Add to Cart” button doesn’t function on a tablet.  This simple oversight will kill your conversion rate.  Be sure to optimize your design for the mobile world first that way you can be assured that you aren’t losing this important and ever-increasing part of the market.  Similarly, make sure your site is easy to navigate.  If your call to action is difficult to find on the landing page, it’s highly unlikely the visitor will be drawn to it and therefore they will not click on it.  For more information on this topic visit our User Experience page.


Optimize the Traffic

Acquiring traffic should go without saying.  If no one is visiting your website, you won’t have any conversions.  However, optimizing the type of traffic may be something you haven’t considered.  How can you optimize the type of traffic you’re generating?  There are specific strategies that can be set in place to help improve conversion rates by targeting your demographic.  Some companies simply set out to achieve the goal of acquiring “as many users as possible”.  This may seem great at first, but it can actually prove detrimental to the success of your site.  If you are getting too many visitors who have no interest in your product, they’re wasting much of your valuable bandwidth.  Think of bandwidth like your internet currency;  you only have so much of it to spend each month (assuming that you have a low-middle end hosting plan) and if you burn through it on visitors that have a low chance of acting on your site then you will have nothing left for those that DO have genuine interest in your product or service.  Optimization should be performed through your Google Adwords account and through SEO.  For more on this, visit our Affordable SEO services section.


There are of course many other strategies for improving conversion rates and it all starts with your marketing plan.  If you don’t know who you are, what you are trying to accomplish, and who your potential targeted users are, then your efforts will leak through your walls of focus.


About Dan Pietens

Dan is the President and Lead Developer of Innervation Technology and Design. He creates beautiful websites and believes in a world where small companies can survive and thrive through the help of affordable web services.

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